Yara: Choosing the best final N rates this spring

Due to high fertiliser pricing, every cost on farm has needed justification even more than usual. Natalie Wood, Agronomy Operations Manager at Yara, spoke out in winter on this topic and advised growers to review their final N rate in spring so that they can fully take the up-to-date crop status and economics into account. […]

New animation from AIC explains benefit of former foodstuffs in animal feed

AIC calls on Government to work with industry to solve fertiliser crisis

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and UK Former Food Processors Association (UKFFPA) have created a short, animated video to help farmers, food and feed manufacturers, legislators, and the public, understand the value of including former food products in livestock feed. The animation explains the role of the UKFFPA, and the work of its members – […]

Yara: Why calcium and boron are vital for a robust potato crop

Calcium and boron are two of the most cited nutrients when it comes to reducing disease in crops. These critical nutrients play a vital role in forming robust protection against disease and other defects within the plant, and growers trying to get the most from their potato crop this season should not underestimate their importance. […]

Yara: Managing fertiliser effectively for first cut silage

With increased fertiliser prices and cost of inputs, many livestock farmers are considering how best to manage their grassland and maximise their return on investment when it comes to first cut silage crops. Yara recently held a webinar informing farmers of the latest advice and guidance on how best to manage fertiliser applications and ensure […]

Farmplan: top tips to get the most from your year-end process


It’s that time again. Farm businesses across the UK are going through their year-end process – a necessary but often daunting task. However, this does also offer the chance to take stock internally, determining how your business is performing and what you can achieve this year. Anne Cianchi, Product Manager at Farmplan, the UK’s leading agricultural software […]

AIC launches new training Academy

AIC calls on Government to work with industry to solve fertiliser crisis

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has brought together all of its training resources for AIC Members, trade assurance scheme participants, and feed advisers under the banner of ‘AIC Academy’. The AIC Academy is available on the AIC website and lists all the training available, including support for trade assurance schemes such as i-learning, HACCP, and […]


Yara has announced that developing its range of organo-mineral fertilisers (OMF) has progressed at pace, and they are now making a limited quantity of a new product – named Yara Nature – available for growers to try. “Yara Nature, unlike classic mineral fertilisers, contains 38% organic matter produced from food and green waste compost,” says Mark […]

Yara: Foliar nutrition can help you “kickstart” your crop

Liquid fertiliser

Considering the current pricing of crop nutrition, growers are being advised to ensure that all available nutrients are at an optimal level to maximise nitrogen uptake. Natalie Wood, Agronomy Operations Manager at Yara, shared her thoughts. “We need to focus on nutrient use efficiency as a whole, rather than solely considering nitrogen,” says Natalie. “If you’re deficient […]

Farmplan: Make sure your business is ready for MTD by 1st April

From 1st April 2022, the Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative will be extended by HMRC to include VAT-registered businesses below the current £85,000 turnover threshold who were previously exempt from this scheme. Farmplan, the UK’s leading agricultural software specialists, is encouraging all farms to check that they have MTD compatible systems in place to ensure that they are […]

Yara: Nitrogen pricing – how does it affect you?


Natural gas is a fundamental component of nitrogen production. Skyrocketing gas prices – along with high global demand, food security concerns, and reduced imports – have led to increased costs of fertiliser production, rising by €200/t in one week alone. As a result, farmers are considering how to plan their nitrogen (N) applications cost-effectively. Yara […]