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Could ChatGPT replace content writers? 

Steph Ironside

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Could ChatGPT replace content writers? 

ChatGPT is a hot topic of conversation for marketers and businesses alike. Following in the footsteps of tools like Jasper and Copy.ai, many users claim that ChatGPT has changed the game when it comes to content creation. But how useful is it really within  marketing and creative companies alike? 

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an AI powered language model. This means that users can ask questions and get human-like responses. The software uses Natural Language Query (NLQ) technology to understand what the user is asking and generate relevant responses based on their search intent. So in theory, people get the information they are looking for right when they need it. So far, so good.  

But is ChatGPT the game-changing solution it’s being made out to be? Will it eventually replace physical content writers? 

The pros and cons of using AI to create content  

The good bits… 

It could create the building blocks for great content  

A tool like ChatGPT is great for sparking ideas and building a content outline, especially when you’re facing a tight deadline. 

There is a market for it 

For businesses or individuals who just don’t have the budget to hire professional content writers, AI tools make it possible to produce content. 

AI tools will likely become more intelligent  

This means that for businesses and marketers, tools like ChatGPT will become more useful over time.  

The not so good bits…  

It’s not a great option if you need to dive deep for clients 

As a marketing company in the agricultural sector, our clients hire us for our expertise. That includes our detailed knowledge of their business, the mindset and needs of their customers, and their unique brand tone of voice. Not to mention our understanding of the geographic and cultural context in which they operate. AI can’t give you that deep level of knowledge. Much of the content it produces merely scratches the surface. 

Content may not be accurate 

Just like when you do a Google search on a topic and you find information that’s 10 years old, AI tools are prone to churning out out-of-date content. There’s no substitute for proper in-depth research and expertise. 

You might struggle to create unique content 

Because AI content writing tools trawl the internet for information, it’s possible that the content they produce may not be unique. That can leave businesses and marketers at risk of being penalised by Google for plagiarism or duplicating content. There’s also talk of Google ‘downgrading’ AI-created content so it could appear further down the search results. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but it’s something worth thinking about.  

Our verdict on using AI to create content 

Our opinion on AI content writing tools is that there is a place for them, but they can’t replace physical content writers.  

In their current form, tools like ChatGPT are a useful research tool for marketers. They can help spark ideas and help with the creation of things like blog outlines.  

AI can provide prompts for content writers and give them something they can improve on. But there really is no substitute for human thought and human ingenuity.  

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