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ChatGPT vs Bing Chat: Which should you use?

Michelle Robinson

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In the race to develop game-changing AI products, Open AI got there first with the hugely popular ChatGPT. But not to be outdone, Microsoft was hot on their heels with the release of Bing Chat, its AI chatbot that’s integrated into the Bing search engine. So when it comes down to ChatGPT vs Bing Chat, which should you use? Which is more useful for a marketing company?

ChatGPT vs Bing Chat-what are the differences?

Their uses

Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat are chatbots that you can use to write content and summarise information. However, they have a different purpose. Bing Chat’s integration with the Bing search engine means it’s best used for research. ChatGPT is more a tool to help you generate content and content ideas. Both could come in handy for a creative agency, as long as you combine them with that invaluable human touch. 

Their accuracy 

Bing Chat uses the GPT-4 language model which most closely mirrors human knowledge and performance. However, while the paid version of ChatGPT (ChatGPT plus) also uses this model, its only been trained on data up to 2021. That means if you want to find information or create content that includes up-to-the-minute data, ChatGPT can fall short.

As Bing Chat is integrated with the Bing Search engine, it can give you the latest and most accurate information. It will also show you the sources the information came from. Every time you ask Bing Chat any questions, it trawls the web for information then gives you a response with links to its sources. If your marketing company needs access to the latest information and developments in your clients’ sectors, Bing Chat is your go to chatbot. 

That’s not to say that ChatGPT will give you inaccurate information, you just need to check and double check the facts. Something to think about for a PR agency that produces journalistic pieces. 

The length of content you can create 

For help with longer-form content, say an SEO-rich blog post, ChatGPT is a good choice. It gives more detailed responses to search queries and prompts than Bing Chat. Then there’s the fact that there’s no limit on how many answers or prompts you can ask for, even with the free version. Bing chat has a limit of 60 chats per day. 

Their tone of voice

With the recent surge in popularity of ChatGPT, you’ve probably seen something produced by AI, whether it’s a social media post or article. What you might have noticed is that the language used and tone of voice is a little ‘samey’. Bing Chat allows you to create content in three different conversational tones- Creative, Professional, and Precise. As a result, the tone feels a little more authentically human instead of dull (and sometimes cringey!) sorry ChatGPT…

ChatGPT vs Bing Chat-which should you use?

If you want to start using AI from day to day in your marketing company, think about what you’ll be using it for and what you want to achieve. Both chatbots have their strengths and weaknesses, so the one that suits you best is the one that can help you most with the tasks you need to do.

As a busy marketing company, we would always welcome any tool that makes us more efficient. However, if we adopt AI, it will always be to assist our human team rather than replace them. We value original thought and creativity, and so do our clients. 

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