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We’re the agricultural marketing agency that helps clients stay memorable in a world transforming at speed.

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Public relations.
Making your voice heard.

We deliver real, tangible results using traditional and digital PR techniques.

We work with our clients to understand their story and develop an engaging communication strategy, built on our knowledge of the agriculture industry and target audience.

Because we’re aware of the challenges which rural areas currently face, we know how vital it is to retain a credible voice within the industry. Through crisis management, creative content, earned media, or thought leadership, we use a multichannel approach to deliver compelling brand stories. So, whether your targeted audience be farmers, vets, or B2B, we’ll ensure your voice makes an impact.

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How we can help

Media Coverage

Engaging with editors and reporters to get your story out there can be tricky, but we’ve established relationships with industry titles so you don’t have to. We create stories based on topical themes that will resonate with your target audience and increase brand credibility.

Crisis Management

Drawing on our experience, we’re well equipped when it comes to crisis and reputation management, so you can rest assured we’ll tailor a considered response with an approach that’s right for you.

Content Creation

Email marketing, blogs, feature writing and more – we turn your customer testimonials and expert insight into engaging content for the consumer, helping to increase brand awareness at every touchpoint.

Thought Leadership

If there’s a particular topic you want to focus on, we can work with you to write insightful content and demonstrate your expertise to your audience, using whitepapers and surveys.

Our work in action

We worked on Farmplan’s content marketing strategy, to put their offering in front of the right people, and position them as a thought leader for the new digital age of agriculture.

We created an ongoing campaign that drove home a clear message: Farmplan provides accessible tools and software that easily integrate with your current system to make your business more efficient and productive.

To that end, in one year alone, producing:

  • Numerous press releases relating to industry news – these explained the benefits of digital solutions via key
  • Case studies that demonstrated the powerful results Farmplan users achieved through digital solutions.
  • A series of “Taking 5” interviews with the Farmplan team, to highlight their industry background agriculture press titles.
  • Thought leadership pieces crafted to help explain and support the industry’s move towards ELMs and improving sustainability on farm.

Want to know more about our other services?

Expertise Strategy

Using our technical insight and thorough research, we create strategic marketing solutions that support business growth.

Expertise Branding

We combine our strategic and creative expertise to create eye-catching brands, memorable brand messages and engaging campaigns.

Expertise Media

Using the latest media measurement tools and bespoke research, we deliver media strategies that get results.

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