RDP3 Why we rebranded and how

Deborah Laird

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RDP 3: Why we rebranded and how

Here we are. RDP has an expanded service offering and greater focus on exciting creative that will stand your brand apart from the competition. What prompted this change and how did we craft this identity?

Reasons to change

Our new identity arose from necessity. The marketplace has changed. We needed to change too. We see that what worked in marketing before now holds less sway in a transforming industry. What our clients need are fresh approaches and advertising that disrupts. Singing the same old tune in the same old way won’t cut it.

Agri-business and animal health are industries in flux. Population is growing and we all need food. At the same time, we also need to address the existential threat of climate change and provide higher levels of animal welfare. Huge amounts of innovation are needed across the sector. This is before taking the pandemic into account, which has redefined priorities and ways of working for so many.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, RDP has been busy. Every single one of us has been expanding our knowledge, our repertoire of services. We saw the needs of the market and adapted. Now, we are ready to do more, from stunning creative and precise PR through to powerful strategy and robust branding.

So, how do we convey that? Show don’t tell. Let our website and case studies speak for themselves. Thus RDP 3 was born.

How we got there

It began a few years ago. Though in business for many years now, RDP had maintained the same identity – from its logo through to its messaging – throughout. The time had come for a refresh.

To do so, we treated ourselves like a client. We began by not only looking at who we are as a business, but who we want to be. This resulted in a new website, aesthetic, and messaging – all of which reinforced our dedication to innovative marketing for agribusiness clients that delivers results.

This was a vital step. But it was not the end. In 2021, we are very proud to launch RDP 3 – a comprehensive statement on what RDP is capable of and can achieve for your brand.

The identity

Here is our previous mission statement:

We create, partner, and build brands to connect with a global audience through insight-driven strategic solutions.

Do we still do all of that? Yes, of course. But now we go further – and needed a statement to reflect that.

In marketing, there is no greater death sentence than blending in with the crowd. During such a period of flux – one that is facing agribusinesses everywhere – doing so isn’t just inadvisable, it’s destructive. Playing it safe is, oddly, the riskier option.

We want our clients to get results. Doing so requires more creativity and strategy than ever before.

With all this in mind, here’s our refreshed mission statement:

RDP Marketing is a creative agency that challenges the conventional, unearths the truths and outthinks the competition to help agri brands thrive across the connected landscape.

Simple. Clear. Crucially, it lays out our central goal: outthinking your competition without overinflated costs. That’s the RDP way. And we’re happy to say so up front.

The website

Here is how strong websites work:

  • Prospective customer visits the page
  • The website conveys the central selling point of their product or service
  • Each additional image/block of copy/piece of media reinforce that message
  • Provide the visitor with a call to action, e.g., “Get in touch now to book a consultation!”

The problem is that many websites are, frankly, uninspiring. Rather than open with a block of copy, we went further by creating a full video – the first thing you see when arriving on the homepage.

In less than a minute, the video sums up everything you need to know about RDP, including snippets of case studies. It both serves as an entry to our capabilities and as a demonstration of the kind of work we can do for you.

Each page is designed to strip back on waffle and clearly communicate. Copy is kept to a minimum. Key outcomes are highlighted. At all times, the visitor is getting valuable information.

Digging deeper

The homepage progresses, service by service. Each section tells a lightning-fast story about what we can do for your business. At the end, we offer our promise:

Let’s dig deeper and help your brand thrive!

It really is that simple. RDP3 is not a project about adopting new fonts and colours. It’s not about adding a bit of polish to an existing brand. The main goal has been to issue a call to our clients – both existing and prospective – who are faced with a changing marketplace and wondering what they can do to stand out.

To them, we say: dig deeper. Unearth new connections. Be heard by your audience. RDP is ready to help your brand thrive.

Ready to dig deeper and let your brand thrive? Get in touch.

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