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Weaving Machinery

The problem

Weaving Machinery build and sell high-quality farming equipment for both conventional and no-till farms. They take pride in their straightforward, no-nonsense communication with customers and their excellent customer support– not to mention the exceptional performance of the machines themselves.

As a family-run business, Weaving Machinery have always had a slightly larger hill to climb when it comes to gaining PR traction and customer attention compared to some of the bigger brands in the market. They approached us to:

The Solution

Our first step was to deliver a series of quick wins for Weaving Machinery – essentially helping their existing assets to bloom and highlight where value could be added.

Quick Wins

We started with on-page advertising by working up a series of concepts for both conventional and no-till products. This not only gave Weaving’s collateral a new lick of paint but allowed us to lay the foundations for more precise advertising going forward. How? By determining the different personas which formed Weaving Machinery’s customer base – and those we would like to attract – and how best to speak to those groups.

We then created product brochures for the summer shows – a vital place of business for Weaving Machinery. We made sure any visitors to their stand had some sleek and appealing literature to take away with them.

Alongside all this, we ensured constant editorial coverage promoting Weaving Machinery and their customers, focusing particularly on real farmer case studies who had experienced the machines first-hand – all reinforcing Weaving Machinery’s central message.

Weaving Leaderboard
Weaving MPU

Longer Term

We are with Weaving Machinery all the way. Our strategy is informed by what they want from their business in the next few years and will focus on results and progressing their outreach.

For example, 2022 will see the first LAMMA show for a couple of years (due to Covid-19). Weaving Machinery, naturally, want to make an impact after being away so long. We’re laying the groundwork for that now, developing numerous assets for social media. As the event approaches, we will ramp up coverage and ensure Weaving Machinery are a major presence at the show.

We are agile and focussed and RDP have proved to be the same. They know what to do and we trust them to deliver.
Simon Weaving
Sales Director, Weaving Machinery

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A consistent brand that speaks to its audience clearly and reflects their true identity

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