Lower cost per insertion per title

An increase in audience coverage and opportunities to see

Royal Canin

The problem

The previous strategy of advertising in all available magazines and websites to target the veterinary market was no longer possible due to a lower media budget. However, a lack of independent research posed a problem when it came to selecting a reduced number of titles that still reach the target audience. Royal Canin tasked RDP to come up with a solution.

The Solution

At RDP, we know the value of all channels – both physical and digital – for creating engagement and ultimately encouraging your audience along the customer journey. While social media and digital communications are powerful tools, print media still creates an impact. Thankfully, we’ve got expertise in that area too.

You can’t reach the right audience if you don’t have research. What channels are they engaging with and how often? RDP commissioned independent research on the veterinary media market to determine actual readership figures for titles like Vet Times (as opposed to circulation figures) as well as the duplication of readership between titles. The invaluable results helped us plan the most cost-efficient media plan possible.

For example, 40% of one magazine’s readers were also reading another – vital insight when planning a campaign that minimises duplication of your audience.

Our Results

By streamlining the resulting media plan, we were able to only select titles with relatively high and unique readerships/audience figures and then delivered more insertions per title than before. This meant we could negotiate a lower cost per insertion per title, with the benefit of an increase in audience coverage and frequency/opportunities to see. Despite a lower budget than previous years, the campaign was seen by 90% of the desired audience.

RDP are a pleasure to work with. Will & the team are always keen to find new ways of talking to our audiences through our expanding digital portfolio whilst appreciating the strength and heritage of our traditional press brands. Looking forward to working with them for many more years come!
Ian Morris
Brand Services Consultant, Veterinary Business
RDP Marketing

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