RDP crafted a clean and distinct identity to help AIC convey its story effectively across all media touchpoints

Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP)

The problem

For over 10 years, AIC has been part of the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan coalition (GHGAP) alongside other key players in the agribusiness industry. This group aims to provide one voice to represent those who work within agriculture and land use as they work towards a net zero carbon economy.

However, 2021 is a very different landscape from what it was a decade ago. We now have an economy-wide net zero target (2050 by the UK government, 2040 by the NFU) and a greater desire from farmers to play their part in a greener supply chain.

With COP26 taking place in Glasgow, 2021 was the perfect time for AIC to approach us to refresh how the initiative presents itself.

What was needed?: a fresh identity – including name and logo – that helped the group stand apart as a sensible, practical collective determined to bring sustainable change.

The Solution

First, we looked at words and themes that nailed the central messaging: a group of motivated organisations and individuals across the ag industry collaborating under one umbrella to maximise their contribution to a net zero economy.

Agriculture has stood up as an industry and gone the extra mile, declaring that they will beat the nation’s overall carbon-neutral deadline by a full decade. That urgency underlined several of our concepts, both in the acronym and the design.

We explored numerous approaches, always considering the connotations of each word in itself and the resulting acronym. Over time, we focused more on the symbol ideation – a mark that could be distinct and memorable, while at the same time enabling acceptance.

The group name was eventually settled by consensus and compromise: ALA (the Agriculture and Land Use Alliance).

The group also adopted our preferred logo approach:

This concept demonstrates the positive impact every one of us can make in the industry and features a universal symbol that embodies equal responsibility to help achieve net zero economy.

In this context, the = symbol also represents the earth and the sky. With one voice, we can all play our part for a greater whole. Every movement we make has far-reaching effects.

Our strapline was also chosen, representing the group’s core identity and mission in a concise phrase.

Our Results

RDP not only helped facilitate a choice that could unite many businesses – we crafted a clean and distinct identity to help convey its story effectively across all media touchpoints.