638% An astonishingly high landing page conversion rate

6% click-through rate

An arsenal of easily accessible material

Fullwood Packo Innovations

The problem

Fullwood Packo are one of the major international players in milking and cooling solutions. Where Fullwood Packo stands apart is their main focus: the cow. By putting the cow first, Fullwood Packo’s milking machinery and unique milking technique helps ensure better health and greater comfort for the herd. For the farmer? This results in better quality milk and a more peaceful and pleasant working environment. Everybody wins.

However, change can be slow in the dairy industry. After making several game-changing improvements to their main milking robot – the M²erlin – the question for Fullwood Packo became this:

How can we let our customers know about these multiple improvements and highlight our dedication to continual innovation and improvement?

We got cracking.

The Solution

We analysed what Fullwood Packo wanted to say and built a campaign that drove home two main messages:

  • Fullwood Packo is innovating and leading the way in developing new milking and cooling solutions
  • Farmer needs and expectations are always changing and so is Fullwood Packo. Farmers will always have the support they need

We created a central theme, “Constantly Curious”, from which all resulting collateral emerged. Our approach was to break away from “the norm” found in most advertising in the dairy industry.

Our Three Main Content Actions

  • A two-pronged print and digital advertising roll-out across six countries in Europe, increasing exposure and brand awareness
  • Eye-catching dealership posters and sales aids that make Fullwood Packo’s innovative position clear and memorable
  • A range of GIPHY stickers to stand out in the busy world of social media

Instead of conventional photography, we created unique imagery. Rather than the everyday normality of farming, we focused on the bright and exciting future.

Our Results

0 %

An astonishingly high landing page conversion increase (That’s 5x more than the industry standard)

0 %

A click-through rate averaging 6% when supporting articles were placed within publication e-newsletters – more than double the usual rate


An arsenal of easily accessible material that let Fullwood Packo employees and their dealer network speak clearly and confidently about the excellent work they do.

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