30% landing page conversion rate

14% click-through rate 

32% increase in social media

Fullwood Packo Cooling

The problem

Fullwood Packo design and produce milking and cooling solutions that put the cow first. Why? Because comfortable cows make better milk. The company reflects this in their innovative milking robots and parlours. However, there is one aspect of dairy farming that often goes overlooked: cooling.

Essentially, cooling is all about how you store your milk before it’s ready to transport. This stage – though vital – is often underestimated. It’s easy to believe all tanks are more or less the same.

This isn’t the case for Fullwood Packo, who use unique technology to cool collected milk much faster, which not only saves time but also improves its quality. All this while keeping the milk safe and secure.

Our challenge was to highlight the crucial role that cooling plays, and effectively demonstrate why Fullwood Packo’s cooling solutions are the key to better milk quality.

The Solution

Fullwood Packo understands that dairy farmers take pride in their work and want to achieve more. We used that as our springboard, coming up with a central concept:

Quality milk deserves quality cooling.

This statement, in five short words, essentially conveys the message that farmers are (rightly) proud of their milk quality and that cooling, though it may be less exciting, plays a critical role in that.

We then developed several supplementary “theme” ads with that same central message, all with their own focus within the subhead and body copy.

At the same time, we produced digital advertising and copy for e-news and a landing page.

We created a sales funnel across both physical and digital media, all of which converged on Fullwood Packo’s landing page. Any customer who has followed the journey gradually acquires new information at each step, learning more and more about what Fullwood Packo can do for them with each click.

Our Results

0 %

landing page conversion rate. This is 3x higher than what would be considered unusually successful.

0 %

click-through rate for e-newsletters. Nearly 5x the expected rate.

0 %

increase in social media likes and follows. The highest leap in audience engagement on record.

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