In 2021, we achieved a 28% increase in reach of articles published in press titles, compared to 2020.


The problem

Farmplan are one of the leading providers of smart software and IT solutions for farm businesses, best known for their comprehensive farm management solutions covering crops, cattle and accounts. This and other tools make them a trusted partner for many farms and rural businesses across the UK, who rely on Farmplan to help them manage records, demonstrate compliance, and improve performance.

As a brand, Farmplan wants to target farms and rural businesses, from small enterprises to large estates. However, the industry has been traditionally quite slow to adopt tech solutions.

Farmplan asked us to help put their offering in front of the right people, leveraging national press titles and other channels to position themselves as a thought leader for the new digital age of agriculture.

We got started.

The Solution

We looked at Farmplan’s current position and worked on creating an ongoing campaign that drove home a clear message: Farmplan provides tools and software that easily integrate with your current system to make your business more efficient and productive. Above all, these solutions are accessible. You don’t have to be a tech genius to gain value.

To that end, we produced the following in 2021 alone:

  • Numerous press releases relating to industry news. These were designed to not only be informative but useful, explaining the key benefits of digital solutions to customers and non-customers alike via key agriculture press titles
  • Case studies that examined Farmplan users in detail, demonstrating the powerful results and personalised support they received from the Farmplan team
  • A series of “Taking 5” case studies – these articles offered a personal glimpse into the individuals making up Farmplan. Why? So that readers could see that Farmplan is made up of people with real industry backgrounds, who understand their challenges and ambitions
  • Thought leadership pieces crafted to help explain and support the industry’s move towards ELMs and improving sustainability on farm

Longer Term

Naturally, our support doesn’t end there. We work closely with Farmplan to develop how they can reach their target audience, including the recent creation of their Farmplanning for the future magazine which has been shared with customers digitally and at trade events throughout 2022.

Click here to read the magazine in full.

Farmplan Magazine Email Header
RDP completely understands our mission. They worked closely with Farmplan to understand what we want to say and help tell our story in new and disruptive ways that tangibly cut through with our ideal audience.
Emma Waller
Marketing Manager, Farmplan
RDP Marketing

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