43% increase in traffic conversion

10x increase in number of submissions

Significant media coverage


The problem

Every year, blowfly strike causes serious stress and worry for sheep farmers. particularly bad cases can lead to weight loss, further infection, and, in severe cases, death. Elanco, one of the world leaders in animal health, had just produced a new improved version of their powerful protection against blowfly… CLiK™ now had a new and even more effective counterpart: CLiK™ EXTRA.

Naturally, many customers were not aware of CLiK™ EXTRA. Those that were might not realise just how much benefit it could bring for their flock. Elanco tasked us with:

We got to work.

The Solution

We know the target audience and began developing a multi-channel campaign that drove awareness, education, and behavioural change including:

  • Proactive reporting and analysis that led the news agenda, including blowfly farm reports and expert predictions based on Met Office data
  • Content shaped by and reflective of genuine farmer experiences, including an ad campaign across press and digital which put their voices at the forefront
  • Collaboration with key experts to deliver education and training on how best to prevent blowfly strike and address common pitfalls

At the end, we had a campaign that spoke to sheep farmers and their needs. We brought the threat of blowfly strike to light – and the power of CLiK™ EXTRA – by providing content that was not only emotionally affective and educational – it was practically useful.

Our Results

0 %

increase in traffic conversion – far exceeding the industry average

0 X

increase in number of submissions were received by Elanco’s UK-wide blowfly tracker, showing exceptional reach for the campaign


Significant media coverage as our blowfly pieces became the go-to information source for farmers

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