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Yara has announced that developing its range of organo-mineral fertilisers (OMF) has progressed at pace, and they are now making a limited quantity of a new product – named Yara Nature – available for growers to try.

“Yara Nature, unlike classic mineral fertilisers, contains 38% organic matter produced from food and green waste compost,” says Mark Tucker, Head of Agronomy at Yara. “With every application you are contributing to better soil health and structure – something that will not only improve efficiency but also long-term sustainability on your farm.”

Image: Organo-mineral fertiliser

This organic matter application is the perfect nutrient store to build resilience via its seasonal nutrient supply and moisture holding properties. As a result, Yara Nature is the ideal seedbed dressing for spring cereals, oilseed, or linseed to give them the best start possible.

Development of Yara’s OMF range is still ongoing. By purchasing this new product, growers have a chance to be involved in the knowledge building process. They will also gain early access to research findings from the experimental research platform that commences this spring.

“Full loads of Yara Nature 8:3:3 are available now,” adds Mark. “Thus far, all the research has been clear: OMF products can bring significant improvements to the farm. We see gains to overall nutrient use efficiency and greater capability to tackle the issue of ‘waste’, all while benefitting crop nutrition sustainability.”

“Yara Nature is developed with these goals in mind. This is a chance for growers to benefit their farms and try a new, more sustainable range – all while gaining access to the latest research and information. It’s an exciting time indeed.”

Image: Mark Tucker

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