RDP Marketing re-boots to tackle agribusiness’s challenge of the century

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“Big issues are changing our business landscape,” says Angus Chalmers, Managing

Director of RDP. “From climate change and sustainability to technological advances and the varied impacts of Covid-19 – now, more than ever, it’s important to stand apart from the crowd.”

There will be winners and losers. Our experience tells us that those businesses that embrace change, adapt their thinking and implement new technologies will be those that thrive.

The challenges facing brands in the agri-business and animal health sectors may be significant… but they also contain unprecedented opportunities. As a result, RDP has spent the last year re-engineering marketing solutions for clients, both existing and new.

Creating touchpoints with customers across all relevant channels, having a narrative built upon insight, and ensuring a clear strategy delivers on business goals are core elements of successful marketing campaigns. People buy from people but customer journeys are built upon automation and insight. It is time for progressive businesses to outthink, rather than outspend, the competition

A technological focus drives campaigns that fully utilise leading-edge digital, video, social and more. At all stages, the client plays a crucial role in the creative process. Conversation, consideration, and collaboration form the basis of strong creative.

Angus Chalmers

“Agriculture and animal health are fast-paced and changing industries – the time isright to re-invigorate our approach to support our existing and prospective clients,” says Angus.

New techniques enable RDP to dig deeper into the foundations of partner brands. By unearthing the elements that make them unique, new narratives emerge to drive results in a transforming market.

“We are excited to have launched RDP’s brand-new identity,” adds Angus. “This isn’t just a refresh, it’s a new mission statement. Our sights are set very high – both for ourselves and for our customers. Digging deeper. Helping brands to thrive. This is not about gradual change – this is about taking real action now.”

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Angus Chalmers

Angus Chalmers

Managing Director

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