Your handy guide to better email marketing

With brands launching full steam ahead towards the more fast-paced worlds of social media and whatever the metaverse ends up being, is there still space for the humble email in your marketing strategy? Absolutely. Although by no means the new kid on the block, it’s still one of the most potent ways of communication your […]

Being persuasive – what we can learn from Aristotle about marketing


Advertising and marketing are, ultimately, all about telling a story in the most compelling and persuasive way possible. From print to digital, from full campaigns to the humble press release, it’s all about telling your brand’s story in a way that will affect and move your audience. Persuasion matters. How then can we create persuasive […]

Personal branding – what it is and why it matters

Like it or not, we live in an age where the dividing line between “celebrity” and “leader” is blurrier than ever. From politicians to CEOs to TikTok stars – brands aren’t just businesses anymore. They’re people. Many companies have leant into a “personal branding” positioning – even those of us who couldn’t visualise a car […]

Single-minded propositions: why your campaign needs one and how to write it

single minded propositions

It’s time for your new campaign. The objectives are set. The brief is written. Your product or service is ready to have its time in the sun. The creative team stands ready to work up concepts that, ideally, are original, compelling, and generate impactful results for your brand. Naturally, the brief is where the killer […]

A veterinary nurse’s guide to animal health marketing

animal health marketing

In the UK, we have a long and proud history of caring about our animals. In agriculture, we set a global example in welfare and it’s rare to meet a farmer who doesn’t view themselves as a protector and guardian for those under their watch. The numerous laws and regulations we have in place to […]

The whats, whys and hows of choosing a marketing agency

Whats Whys Hows Marketing

How much does your brand spend on marketing every year? Most businesses, as a general rule of thumb, put about 5% of turnover towards advertising and marketing, though this can vary from sector to sector. That’s a significant chunk. How can you make sure it’s being used widely? The key is choosing a marketing agency […]

Make your campaigns memorable

Have you ever been lying in bed trying to sleep when an old advertising jingle pops into your head? Perhaps some words, images or even phrases are now irreversibly linked with some piece of marketing. It might be from your childhood. It might be recent. It might be something you genuinely enjoyed or… it might […]

Reactive marketing: how brands stay quick and relevant

Reactive Marketing

For a long time, brands led the conversation. Whether a campaign was successful or disastrous, the public had no real power of reply. Social media has changed that. Now, one stray tweet can gain momentum and put a serious dent in your reputation… or cultivate greater engagement and help grow your audience. How does a […]

Being a purple cow

Being a purple cow

A family are driving through rural France on holiday. They pass some strikingly beautiful farmland filled with “storybook cows”. If you’re from the city or not had much experience with agriculture, seeing a field full of cows is exciting and memorable… at least for a bit. Soon, though, they blend. Every group you pass looks […]

RDP3 Why we rebranded and how

RDP 3: Why we rebranded and how

Here we are. RDP has an expanded service offering and greater focus on exciting creative that will stand your brand apart from the competition. What prompted this change and how did we craft this identity? Reasons to change Our new identity arose from necessity. The marketplace has changed. We needed to change too. We see […]