Yara Grass Prix

Yara UK, leading suppliers of crop nutrition and fertilizers, believe that the biological potential of grass is often overlooked – particularly by dairy and beef farmers.

To rectify this, and promote their knowledge and expertise, 2014 saw the launch of the Yara Grass Prix a competition between 10 leading beef and dairy farmers from the UK and Ireland to achieve the highest metabolisable energy (ME) yield from grass.

Working closely with Yara, RDP’s PR campaign included:

Launching the Yara Grass Prix to the agricultural press, both in the UK and Ireland
Selling in entrant case studies to regional press
Producing, selling in and distributing articles giving first stage results 
Producing technical articles on grass and silage quality
Producing, selling in and distributing the final results – tailored to individual press interest and location – including a detailed winner case study