Novartis Animal Health has recognized an industry wide problem: the spread of BVD - Bovine Viral Diarrhoea - amongst cattle. 

With a successful eradication scheme already operational in Scotland, RDP were asked to develop a campaign to inform farmers in England and Wales how best to treat and eradicate the disease. 

As part of the Farming Against BVD Campaign, RDP lead an independent telephone survey – working with the National Farm Research Unit - interviewing over 300 beef and dairy farmers to reveal how they rate the importance of BVD and how they currently treat and/or vaccinate against this destructive disease.

With results analysed by industry experts, a press day, attended by leading BVD experts, launched the results to the agricultural community.

To capitalize on this raised BVD awareness a fully integrated campaign for Bovidec, the only BVD vaccine to last for a full year, also took place including advertising, flyers, exhibition panels and branded merchandise.